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The Harrelson Law Firm has deep roots in the local legal community. Our Texarkana criminal defense attorney has decades of experience in serving southwest Arkansas and northeast Texas in the courtroom.


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Jeff is licensed to practice in Arkansas and Texas.


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History of the Harrelson Law Firm

The Harrelson Law Firm began back in 1952 by at the hands of Boyd Tackett, the maternal grandfather of Jeff Harrelson. Boyd was a well-known attorney and politician who practiced law all over Arkansas, and served in the United States Congress from 1948-1952. Upon his defeat for the Arkansas governorship in 1952, Tackett began private practice in Texarkana in what would now be known as the Harrelson Law Firm.

Jeff’s dad, Gene Harrelson, graduated from law school in 1969 and joined Tackett, Damon Young, and Nick Patton prior to fulfilling his duties in Vietnam. At that time, the firm’s office was located in the 5th Floor of the State First National Bank Building in downtown Texarkana (now known as the Landmark Building). The firm moved to the 500 block of Hickory Street in 1970 and added Wayne Dowd and J.O. Moore in 1971. Marshall Moore was added as a partner upon his graduation from law school, and the firm remained on Hickory Street until Tackett’s retirement in 1980, at which time it moved to 1206 State Line Avenue in Texarkana. In 1987, the firm added Greg Giles as a partner. Jeff Harrelson joined the firm in 1996.

The firm was a mainstay on North State Line Avenue in Texarkana — then known as Dowd, Harrelson, Moore & Giles — until 2006, when Gene, Jeff, and Steve Harrelson moved into the renovated Foreman Building in downtown Texarkana. The firm enjoys a specialized practice in a state-of-the-art facility with the latest in technology for the firm’s statewide clientele. The firm is proud to be a part of Arkansas history for over 50 years.

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